Don't suffer from buyers remorse...


    • Is the thickness of the rattan stem around 1½ inches?
    • Is the rattan stem free of any hair-like pieces?
    • Feel the rattan. Is it smooth to the touch?
    • Is the color, stain, and finish even without any blotchy areas?
    • Is the stem uniform in thickness throughout?
    • Are the joints held together with glue and screws, not nails and staples?
    • Does the frame feel sturdy when pressure is put onto the rattan?
    • If screws are used, are they concealed?
    • If wrap is used, is it secure and even in color?
    • If the rattan is anchored to a base, is it screwed into solid wood?
    • If a swivel is used, does it move freely without any squeaks?
    • Is there a warranty?

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